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Riding on the saddle of fantasy for growth and fun

The Patapata Puppy, Patapata Bunny and Kiddy Pony ride-on toys are designed to accompany children from 9 months to 4 years of age in their first movements.

Among the different options of toys to propose in early childhood, the ride-on remains one of the best choices: it guarantees a dynamic play experience and supports the child in its first sensory and spatial explorations, contributing to the emotional, cognitive and above all motor development.

NUYI declines the concept in three different models, colored, nice and safe, to accompany children between 9 months and 4 years in their first movements. Patapata Puppy, Patapata Bunny and Kiddy Pony - these are their names - are made of eco-sustainable natural Guatambu wood and soft, flexible, high-density EVA rubber. The combination of the latter with the natural, warm and smooth surface of the wood, combined with leather and cotton details, guarantee a unique sensory experience. The cheerful and fun shapes stimulate the imagination and encourage symbolic play. The original and contemporary design characterizes the products, making them perfect furnishing accessories in every corner of the house.

Patapata Puppy

The first companion of many adventures, Patapata Puppy is a ride-on toy in the shape of a funny little dog. Solid but compact and lightweight, Patapata Puppy can be easily used by even very young children (9 to 30 months). The soft reconstructed leather ears and cotton tail are sturdy and pleasant to the touch. The wide seat accommodates the child, providing stability and comfort. The space under the seat allows small objects to be stored. By adding the four independent wheels, the Patapata Puppy becomes the perfect friend with whom to set off on your first explorations.

Patapata Puppy e kiddy ponny

Patapata Bunny e Kiddy Pony

The NUYI ride-on toys for slightly older children (18 months to 4 years) are Patapata Bunny and Kiddy Pony.

The Patapata Bunny is a cute little rabbit with long, soft leather ears that allows children to improve their motor skills naturally and safely and develop independent movement. Like the Patapata Puppy, the Patapata Bunny can also be fitted with wheels to help with movement.

The Kiddy Pony rocking horse, on the other hand, reinterprets the most classic of toys through a modern and fun design. Always a favorite with children, rocking improves motor coordination, relaxes before sleep, stimulates the sense of rhythm and balance and is also a great workout for the leg muscles.

You can buy Patapata Puppy, Patapata Bunny and Kiddy Pony in the NUYI online shop.