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What we do

NUYI toys are designed to offer families an educational, sustainable, safe play option. 

Our wooden toys are designed to stimulate children's curiosity and sense of wonder from 9 months to 6 years. They encourage symbolic play and multi-sensory learning and foster the development of physical, cognitive and emotional skills during early childhood.

Sustainable design

To create a winning product, quality must come first. NUYI toys are made from carefully selected materials: Guatambu wood, natural and sustainable, with EVA rubber, soft and elastic, we obtain products that are safe to use, easy to move, and ideal for early childhood play. The simple and original design and the neutral and "warm" color ones make NUYI toys perfect for furnishing children's bedrooms with taste and joy and any other corner of the house.


Anyone with children knows: there are few toys that entertain and hold a special place in the hearts of children for a long time. The result? Homes are filled with colorful toys that quickly outlive their usefulness and accumulate until they are thrown away.

The NUYI brand was born from the disruptive and revolutionary idea of overturning this paradigm. How? By offering children and families a different concept of innovative, educational, eco-friendly toys.

NUYI wooden toys are designed and manufactured to satisfy the need for fun and support the development of children in the delicate phase of early childhood.

The choice to use mainly natural materials, such as wood, responds to the increasingly widespread need for sustainability and safety, but also meets the concept of a design that is not only aesthetic, but functional to offer a safe, creative, educational and multi-sensory play experience.