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Nuyi toys

Design toys created to stimulate creativity in early childhood.Made with wood and love

Educational, safe and
sustainable toys

Our swing: at home as at the playground


We cultivate children's creativity and imagination with wooden toys designed for them. NUYI products satisfy their need for fun and support motor, cognitive and emotional development in early childhood. The secret of our toys? Simplicity: they never get boring; they resist to everything and they move to the rhythm of fantasy!

NUYI toys entertain children...

Joy, fun and motor skills come to life when children discover NUYI wooden toys. 

NUYI products don't break, don't splinter and above all never get boring. They have smooth surfaces and rounded edges for safe play. The reduced size and weight allow even the smallest children to move them wherever their imagination takes them. The fun and cheerful shapes stimulate the imagination and offer endless possibilities for fun and games.

...and mum and dad like them too

Made of natural and sustainable materials such as wood, NUYI toys are designed to provide educational, fun and safe play experiences in early childhood. 

They stimulate curiosity and sense of wonder in young children. Encourage symbolic play and multi-sensory learning. They foster physical, cognitive, and emotional development.

Thanks to their original design and a range of neutral and warm colors, NUYI wooden toys decorate every room in the house with style.

Beautiful! | Emma
Some friends of us bought the CooKit for my daughter and she loves it! She uses it for cooking, drawing, and hiding her treasures inside.

My son's Best Friend | Leo
As soon as the Patapata Puppy arrived to our home, my son immediately played with it and became his best friend!

Simply Amazing! | Noah
Thanks, NUYI!! The Freja Table is amazing the materials, texture, and multiple functions are perfect, my kid loves it!