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NUYI, the new name of wooden toys

NUYI products arrive in Europe, educational and sustainable wooden toys for children from 9 months to 4 years

Using natural and sustainable materials to create an educational, sturdy, sustainable and fun toy, capable of stimulating curiosity and a sense of wonder, encouraging symbolic play and multi-sensory learning and encouraging the development of physical, cognitive and emotional skills: this is the mission of NUYI, a brand that enters the early childhood toy sector with an innovative and interesting proposal.

"NUYI toys represent a sustainable alternative to the more traditional toy proposals for this age group, - says Luca Bosetti, Managing Director - Once their attractiveness is quickly exhausted, many toys are soon forgotten, ending up accumulating unused around the house until they are thrown away. The NUYI project stems from the conviction that it is possible to make a toy from natural and eco-sustainable materials that is never boring and never breaks, that satisfies the most authentic need for fun in children between 9 months and 4 years, stimulating their imagination and supporting their physical, cognitive and emotional development".

NUYI's secret is a simple, yet original and contemporary design that, combined with cheerful and fun shapes, stimulates creativity and imagination. NUYI wooden toys are designed to allow children to experience educational, symbolic and multi-sensory play.

Added to this is the distinctive choice to use only high quality, safe and predominantly natural materials, such as wood. This concretizes the brand's objectives in guaranteeing an educational, creative, fun and safe play experience, but also responds to the increasingly widespread demand for quality and sustainability of the product throughout its entire life cycle.

In NUYI's toys functionality meets aesthetics to offer a solution that meets the tastes and needs of children and adults alike. "NUYI wooden toys have been designed to meet all needs: thanks to simple lines, warm and neutral color tones and a very contemporary style, they make the bedroom welcoming and cheerful, but they also integrate with the rest of the furniture. They are not just toys, but real design objects that help children to grow up and parents to make informed choices".

The NUYI product range includes the fun NUYI rides in the three versions Patapata Puppy (9 - 30 months), Patapata Bunny and Kiddy Pony (18 months - 4 years), the Erik table with the comfortable matching chair (18 months - 4 years) and the versatile NUYI Freja set (18 months - 4 years) that can include the multifunctional table, the matching chair and two accessory kits, "Kitchen" and "Off-road", thanks to which the set can be customized. Made from sustainable Guatambu wood or soft EVA rubber, all NUYI toys have smooth surfaces and rounded edges, and are small in size and weight to ensure easy and safe play for even the youngest children.

NUYI toys are available in the online shop.