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Not just a toy, but a new way to play

The NUYI Freja set, consisting of a table, chair and accessory kit, introduces an innovative concept of creative and multifunctional play for children aged 18 months to 4 years.

There is a table and chair for playing, creating, reading a fairy tale or starting to write the first words. But it only takes a few minutes and a few accessories to transform the set into an off-road vehicle or a kitchen and create new, fantastic adventures. The NUYI Freja set is one versatile solution that encompasses multiple play possibilities to encourage the use of imagination and support cognitive and multi-sensory development in early childhood.

Made from natural and environmentally sustainable materials, such as Guatambu wood, and soft and colorful materials, such as EVA rubber, the Freja set offers a safe and stimulating play option that meets the needs and desires of children of the most attentive and aware parents. The smooth lines and rounded edges make all elements safe, sturdy and easy to use, but also pleasant to handle. The light weight and small dimensions allow even the smallest children to move the toy with ease. The original design and color variations are also designed so that the Freja set can be used in a child's bedroom as well as in any other room in the house.

The NUYI Freja set includes the multifunctional table, a comfortable matching chair and two kits with which the play bench can be transformed.

The NUYI Freja table

The Freja multifunctional table is a drawing table designed to unleash children's creativity and expand their imagination to the fullest. It features a handy under-counter and a pole to which a roll of paper can be attached to slide onto the work surface. With the NUYI Kits - sold separately - the Freja table can be transformed into an off-roader or a kitchen, stimulating children to create different play situations and giving them room for cognitive development. 

The NUYI Freja chair

Even the most tireless children need a break from time to time. The Freja chair is designed to support and withstand any play activity, but also to provide a comfortable seat during more relaxing activities, such as drawing or reading.

The NUYI Kit Freja

From table to off-road or kitchen in minutes. By adding accessories from the NUYI Wrangler Kit, the Freja table (sold separately) is easily transformed into a vehicle with a steering wheel, knobs, gearbox and keys. Everything turns and moves like a real vehicle ready to go on a fantastic adventure. With the NUYI CooKit, the Freja table becomes a kitchen for little master chefs: the oven door opens and the knobs turn to provide a fun symbolic and sensory play experience.

The NUYI Freja set can be purchased in the online shop.