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Freja Full Set


A truly unique table

Designed and engineered for children from 18 months to 4 years old, the Freja table with its drawing set, the chair and two separate kits is a gift that will be definetely appreciated. It is a fantastic toy that grows over time and makes your child develop his imagination and skills.

The kitchen has an oven that opens, the stove knobs actually turn. The off-roader has steering wheel, gearshift and switches that move and the key that fits in the dashboard turns like in the big boy car. This toy perfectly imitates reality and gives the child the opportunity to redo the actions of adults and develop his imagination.

Assembling the table, the chair and the kits is very easy and fast, your child will soon learn to do it by himself.

Tested and certified for strength, durability, safety and stability. Produced in an ethical and environmentally sustainable way.



  • Sustainable Guatambu wood
  • High-density EVA Rubber


cookit dimensions
wrangler dimensions
  • Box 1: 40x50x10 cm – 4,5 kg
  • Box 2: 40x50x10 cm - 1 kg
  • Box 3: 40x50x10 cm - 1 kg


  • 18 months – 4 years old 

Additional Information

  • Tested and certified product
  • SBD Award-winning
  • Easy-to-assemble. No tools required
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Symbolic and multisensory game

With an original design and the consistency of materials and shapes, NUYI wooden toys are designed to allow children to experience symbolic and multi-sensory play.

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Easy To Assemble

Wooden toys are easy to assemble - no tools required! The size and weight allow even young children to move them wherever their play takes them

Educational and creative play

The secret of NUYI toys is simplicity. The simple and original design combined with cheerful and fun shapes stimulate creativity and educational play for truly endless fun.

Freja Full Set