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Ride-on toys. Fun to Grow!

They have always been a favourite with children. But ride-on toys also play an important role in a child's growth, especially in early childhood.

Ride-on horses. Wheeled machines. Tricycles. Bikes without pedals. The range of ride-on toys available on the market today is really wide and includes very different products in terms of shapes, colours, materials and, of course, age range.

Ride-on toys are not only a typical 'object of desire' and an ever-popular gift, but also a fundamental tool for growth and psycho-motor development, especially in early childhood.

Playing with ride-on toys is not only fun and stimulating for a child. Walking or pushing with one's legs to make one's toy move, rocking in a rhythmic manner and so on are all activities that contribute to the development of motor skills, but also to improving balance and coordination. In addition, ride-on toys help children acquire autonomy in movement and then also in actual play. Finally, ride-on toys foster symbolic play, stimulating imagination and creativity in bringing many new adventures to life every day.

In the saddle of fantasy with NUYI ride-on toys
The NUYI catalogue includes three different ride-on toys designed for the different stages of a child's development.

- Patapata Puppy is every baby's first best friend. Suitable from 9 months upwards, it is a fun, doggy-shaped ride-on toy designed to help little ones take their first steps. The wheels support movement and the soft, natural materials promote a multi-sensory experience.
- Patapata Bunny is a ride-on bunny with which children aged 18 months and over improve their motor skills naturally and safely and perfect movement techniques independently.
- Kiddy Pony reinterprets the most classic of children's toys, the rocking horse, with a contemporary design. Playing with this type of product improves coordination, stimulates the sense of rhythm and balance, relaxes before sleep and also offers a good workout for the leg muscles.

All NUYI rides are fun, sustainable and safe because they are made of simple and natural materials such as wood and soft coloured EVA rubber, and are tested and certified for strength, durability and stability.

Have you ever thought about giving your child a ride-on? Which one would you choose?

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