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Play at Home and Have Fun Like at the Park

With the cold, rain and snow of Winter, walks and outdoor play opportunities are few and far between. However, you can find alternatives to fight against boredom and keep your kids entertained when the weather is bad and you can't get outside.    

"Mom, Dad, I'm bored!!! What do I do?" Every parent has heard this phrase repeated at least once... during just the past week. In colder seasons or when you are forced to spend a lot of time indoors, boredom easily takes over.     

Suggesting activities for your children to do indoors as an alternative to tablets, smartphones, television and video games can seem like a real challenge. But with a little imagination, you can create games that are as fun as the park.    

3 ideas for indoor play for kids ages 2 to 6  

When no toy can be fun anymore. When coloring or dancing isn't enough. When the going gets tough, the tough get going. So here are three activities that can stimulate the curiosity and creativity of your children:

The maze   

Arm yourself with glue, cardboard, pencils or markers and straws (but sticks, toothpicks, etc. are also fine). Build a maze in which to throw a ball, trying to follow the path and jump over obstacles. Alternatively, you can also use a die with which to move your favorite puppet and help it reach the exit.    

kids playing insideLiving room adventure  

Using pillows, stuffed animals, blankets, etc., make a soft and safe obstacle course. After passing through a dangerous jungle or a mysterious castle, your children will finally get... a good snack. For older children you can also organize a small treasure hunt with clues and riddles adapted to the age of the participants.   

With eyes closed  

Take a box, a bag, a sack and put inside it objects of different shapes, materials and sizes. Once blindfolded, your children will have to take turns fishing inside and feeling, shaking, smelling, trying to figure out what it is. You can make the game more complex by allowing only three chances to guess. 

Swing in the house  

What little boy or girl wouldn't want to bring home toys from the park? There are products that are easy to assemble, safe to use, and even beautiful to look at, that make this wish come true. For example, the NUYI swing. It is anti-shock because it is made of high-density Eva rubber that absorbs any shock. It is comfortable and practical: it can be hung or even simply leaned. It has a clean, simple and original design that does not stand out in any environment. The NUYI Swing is the perfect solution if you want to bring home your children's favorite outdoor game.

What about you? What activities do you propose to your children to knock out the boredom?

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