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How to Create a Montessori Bedroom

A few suggestions to convert the children's room into a Montessori-style bedroom, an environment where they can play and grow safely, developing more and more autonomy.

The nursery plays a fundamental role in a child's life. It is the place where they play, sleep, have fun, relax and take refuge, the first space that the little ones feel is 'all their own'. The children's room must therefore satisfy multiple needs for play and rest, but also offer welcoming, comfortable and safe spaces that can encourage growing autonomy.

The educator and pedagogist Maria Montessori urged parents to create an appropriate environment for the child, taking into account his or her wishes as well as needs in terms of physical, emotional and cognitive growth. From the furniture to the toys, every object chosen by mum and dad must be fun, but also educational, stimulating and obviously age-appropriate.

Where to start?

5 steps to decorate a Montessori room:

  • Choose furniture 'made to measure' for the child. From the bed to the table, from the toy chest to the book shelf, everything must be able to be used easily even by the smallest of children. Furniture and toys should be small in size and weight so that they can be used and moved with maximum ease and minimum effort.
  • No sharp edges and soft, natural materials. For safe activity at all times, it is essential that all objects in the nursery have rounded edges and that they are made of natural, smooth materials, such as wood, or soft materials, such as rubber.
  • Light, natural colours are best. Although children love brighter and brighter colours, it is better not to overdo it. Colour rainbows are in fact 'exciting' and therefore not relaxing.
  • Carpets and mats for moving around freely. Children love to play sitting on the floor, walking barefoot, rolling around on the floor. That's why having mats and mattresses in the nursery can be a really good idea.
  • A place for everything and everything in its place. Montessori argued that the children's room should be divided into four distinct spaces: one for playing, one for sleeping, one for dressing, one for eating. The orderly division of spaces helps to distinguish different activities and to distribute them in the right space-time.

NUYI toys: educational, sustainable, safe... Montessori-style

NUYI toys have been designed and created with Montessori teachings in mind. They are all made of natural and sustainable materials, such as wood, or soft and shock-resistant materials such as Eva rubber.  They are small in size and weight so that they can be easily used and moved even by small children. They have no edges, but rounded edges. The warm colour tones make the toys cheerful, never 'excessive'.

The fun and simple shapes stimulate ever-changing play activities. Finally, the original but straightforward design means that all NUYI products can be harmoniously integrated with any type of furniture in the children's room as well as in the living room.

Discover our products and tell us which ones might suit your family best!

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