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5 Rules for a Crying-Free Return to School After Christmas

Going back to school after the Christmas vacations is not easy. Here are a few simple rules to help your child cope with the separation from the parents and get back to the normal rhythms of life.  

After saying goodbye to Santa Claus and the Epiphany and eating the last slices of panettone and pandoro, parents are getting ready to go back to the office and children are going back to school. But after weeks spent with the family among games, cuddles and constant surprises, the return to everyday life is not easy.

The resumption can be a source of anxiety and stress, especially for the little ones. The return to kindergarten poses in some cases the problem of separation from mom and dad.

Some simple rules can help families to manage the resumption without anxiety and tears.

We knock out the fear of return to school

When faced with a potential problem, it's always best to get ahead of the game. With a few tricks you can minimize complications and fears related to the return to kindergarten.

  1. No guilt feelings!

A few concessions on Christmas days don't hurt. Watch a little more cartoons in the evening. Eat a few extra desserts. Sleep in the big bed with mom and dad. The important thing is not to overdo it. Make it clear to children that these are exceptions.

  1. Do not upset habits

Some "breaking the rules" is okay. Adopting behaviors that are completely different from the usual is not. Going back is complicated. Besides, children need regularity. Try to have and maintain a routine even on vacation.

  1. Create positive expectations

The upcoming return to school often generates anxiety in your child. It can help to create a positive expectation. Remind your child of the games and activities they play in kindergarten. Or talk to them about the friends they will soon be able to see again. 

Day 1: Don't panic

The first few days of recovery are the hardest. The nostalgia of the beautiful days spent with the whole family is intertwined with the need to resume daily life. 

  1. A gradual start

For adults, getting back on track is relatively easy. Not for little ones. Start off slowly. Anticipate the alarm clock to avoid doing everything in a hurry. Eat breakfast together. If possible, try to reduce the children's schedules and their time at school.

  1. Don't look anxious or worried

If Mom and Dad are nervous, anxious or sad, it will be harder for the children to see them going away. Look calm and smiling. This will help them to face the temporary separation with greater serenity.

  1. No promises or prizes at the end of the day

When seeing your children in tears, the temptation for one last concession is strong. "Don't cry: Mommy will let you sleep in the big bed again tonight." "Make a smile because daddy gives you a nice present". However, you risk creating a habit that is difficult to break. Greet your children with a smile and a hug and let the educators do the rest.

Are you ready for the return to school?

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