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5 reasons (plus one) for choosing wooden toys

Safer, environmentally friendly, educational, stimulating, beautiful: wooden toys and children's items made of natural materials are more and more often the preferred choice of mums and dads.

The world of toys is mostly made of plastic. A visit to any specialised toy shop is enough to confirm this. However, in the age of overabundant plastics and overwhelming technology, many families are looking for toys that do not exhaust their functions and appeal in a short space of time. In other words: they want educational, safe, robust and fun toys for their children.
Many of the options on the market today are not made to last, neither as a structure nor as entertainment. Once the excitement of novelty has passed, most toys are destined to be abandoned in a corner and forgotten by bored children who keep asking for new ones.

This is not the case with toys made of natural materials (wood, rubber, fibres, etc.), which are therefore a very interesting alternative for parents looking for fun, educational, safe, "environmentally friendly" and - why not? - beautiful and innovative design toys. What works best in this type of product? What are the advantages of a wooden toy?

Why buy wooden toys

There are many good reasons to prefer wooden toys to those made of plastic or electronic toys:

  1. They are more sustainable. Wood (but also some types of rubber) is a natural and renewable material. It is less polluting to process than plastic. It is also much easier to dispose of and recycle at the end of the product's life.
  2. They are safe. Wood is naturally non-toxic and, if treated properly, retains this characteristic. In addition, it does not break very easily and is therefore much less dangerous for the child.
  3. They are resistant and last a long time. Wooden toys are not only much more robust than plastic toys, but they don't need batteries to work. Imagination is enough.
  4. Stimulates imagination and creativity. Precisely because it is simple and essential, the wooden toy lends itself to multi-sensory play activities as well as symbolic play, tickling the imagination.
  5. They encourage cooperation and autonomy. Wooden toys lend themselves to group activities as well as independent play.

One more reason to buy wooden toys: design

Last but not least, wooden toys are often beautiful to look at, design objects and furnishing accessories that make children's bedrooms more welcoming and fun, but they don't look bad when they are "forgotten" in the living room.

Half toy, half furnishing accessory, NUYI Toys products are designed to be loved by young and old alike. They become inseparable and never boring playmates for children, but they also meet the tastes and needs of mum and dad. Made from eco-friendly materials, they are multi-sensory, safe and durable toys. The combination of colourful, flexible and soft EVA rubber with the natural, warm and smooth surface of wood is ideal to start discovering the world. The cheerful, fun shapes lend themselves to a multitude of games and adventures in the imagination. Thanks to an original, unique and distinctive design with simple lines, every NUYI toy - from the Patapata ride-on to the Freja table - looks good in every corner of the house.

Have you ever bought wooden toys for your children? Tell us about your experience.

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